What people are saying about Bambino Ballet

"My daughter loves attending bambino ballet classes. Ioe is a very patient, friendly teacher and provides lovely resources for the children to use. I take my daughter to these classes not merely for her to learn ballet steps but because Ioe creates such a safe and happy learning environment."
– Sarah
"A ballet class that is so much more…..whilst the little ballerinas are taught technical steps in a manner that appeals to them, the class offers …counting, partnership, coordination, and most importantly fun! Ioe is a great teacher who knows how to draw out the best in her students, even the shy ones."
– Reenie
”Ella loves her ballet on Saturday from putting her dress on, to seeing her friends when she arrives and, of course, the ballet class itself. The activities have been really good for her general pre-school development too.”
– Dean
”Bambino ballet is a fabulous class and I couldn’t recommend it enough! My daughter loves the class and Ioe who is fabulous!”
– Lauren
”My 4.5 years old daughter has been going to the bambino ballet for almost 2 years now, she was quite shy and unstable in the beginning, Ms Ioe has given her patience in teaching the very young girls in the class. My daughter loves going to the ballet class so much and sometimes she shows me the ballet steps she learnt. Ms Ioe is a friendly and caring person, she dances very beautifully and all the girls loves seeing her dance in the class. Thank you Ioe”
– Esther
“My daughter looks forward to the ballet class all week. She enjoys seeing her friends there, leaning new things and trying it out with lovely music. Her physical strength, coordination, confidence and concentration were all much improved through Bambino ballet class!”
– May
“My daughter loves Bambino Ballet. Ioe uses interesting props and music to engage the children and the class is fun and age appropriate. The groups are very friendly and welcoming and are good for developing the children’s listening and fine motor skills. I would definitely recommend Bambino Ballet!”
– Carly
“Two of my daughters have been really enjoying Bambino Ballet. They were shy to start with, but then they have gained a lot of confidence through the class, and almost turned into different children now! The way they teach the class is amazing. It is creative and inspirational, and it seems so enjoyable! My daughters also learned good manners and social skills though the class. Thank you so much!”
– Sheila
“Bambino Ballet has created such a lovely community for young children, as well as for the grow-ups! I look forward to take my daughter to ballet every Saturday and I always have a wonderful time there. It is great to share the experience with my child and with other parents.”
– Liah
“Thank you so much Io and Ruth, for nurturing my daughter’s love for dance and music. She absolutely loves it, and the ballet class has been the highlight of her week, ever since she started at Bambino Ballet!”
– Paula
“My 2 year old daughter wakes up at 6am and puts her ballet costume on, every Saturday morning! She looks forward to the ballet class the whole week, and can’t wait to go! She loves it, and she has also learned to concentrate and follow the instructions. We are so pleased we have found something that my daughter enjoys so much, and she can learn a lot from.”
– Isla
“Ruth and Ioe do an incredible job and I really love how the class is structured, teaching so many valuable skills!!”
– Charisse